Tuesday, November 8, 2011

8. I am thankful for....my foster/adopt group

A few months ago someone told me about a monthly meeting of a "support group" for foster care/adoption.  I tentatively walked in knowing no one-and was immediately welcomed.  These women have talked me "down off the ledge" when the thought of the unknown has overwhelmed me. Classes, home visits, inspections, clearances-if's/whens/hows....it's all so scary when you think about it.  That fear was a big part of the reason we didn't start this process earlier.   The women there are at various stages-all (except 1) have adopted.  Several continue to do "emergency" foster care.  Some are no longer foster parents-content to focus their attention on their (now adopted) children.

I have asked so many questions-and no one has ever said that the questions were silly.

Each time I go-I learn something new.

I am not sure where we would be in this process had I not found this group....


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