Friday, July 29, 2011

A Flutter of Butterflies

Walking along the waters edge at Ohiopyle, PA I found this:

A beautiful butterfly:


A few friends decided to join him/her:

Here come more

and then more:

More Butterflies

and then even more!

Even more butterflyies

A huge flutter of butterflies:

a flutter of butterflies

Monday, July 18, 2011

Here's to step one....

I called a foster/adoption agency today.

It isn't like I (we) haven't pondered this (and went to informational meetings and read everything and anything and 'picked the brains' of those who have done (or thought about doing) this before.) for I forget how many years.) Things happened. We moved. The husband wanted to wait. I wanted things to be "just right". Then (mild but annoying) health issues and job worries crept in.....

Then, we thought we wouldn't have to adopt (or at least not for our 1st) only to be flung harshly back to square one, but emotionally not ready for anything but huddling inside our 4 walls.

So here we are- tired and emotionally drained-the thought of no children in our house is just crippling us. I doubt we will ever "be ready."

Sometimes it takes a Leap of Faith.

So we jumped

I emailed Children youth and Families in early June. Talked to someone the next week. Asked for agencies with specific detailed information (age of kids, foster-to-adopt, etc). She recommended an agency to call. Called them 3 or 4 times since then. No response. Called them today and insisted I talk to someone-no more messages...only to find out that they don't really deal with what we want to do.

So-did what I did not really want to do:
"Opened the phone book" (google, really). Closed eyes-and picked an agency. That's scary-to place your hopes and dreams on something/someone randomly.

I had a great conversation-and for the first time in awhile- feel like we might be moving in the right direction. I should get information in the mail and a phone call this week.

I can't wait.

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

I simple wish

I thought 2006-2007 was the worst year (12 month span). The year I was told by more than 1 doctor that I was very infertile, lost my favorite! job! ever! due to budget cuts, and both of my closest grandparents declined drastically-all this in a span of 10 days. Oh-I lost that job on my birthday-in the middle of my "party" at work. Then I was in a job I absolutely hated making less money...prices went up, salary went down and we ended up leaving the place we loved to move home (and while I love Pittsburgh, it feels like a failure when you have to move home due to finances.)

Then, 2010-11 happened. Both of my aforementioned grandparents died. Then the worst thing ever happened.

It's a "new" year now (if you start from when things started going bad last year)...and I am asking for one simple have the best ever. I really need it. Trust me on that one.