Wednesday, November 2, 2011

2. I am thankful for....Twitter

Whoever invented Twitter deserves a big hug from me.  I love twitter.  I can keep in touch with friends-both IRL and ones found through social media. The tweeps I follow are witty and awesome.
Also, I can reach out to fellow SLP's-get advice and just vent-to people who "get it".  We have great discussions on topics in our field. (#slpeeps, #SlpsnQ's, #Slpchat. When I need a moment-at work-at just distract myself to unwind.  I can always count on Twitter to do just that.

Twitter is one of the fastest ways for breaking news.  (omg Sid Crosby-wore a "regular" helmet indicating he was cleared for contact?  Twitter exploded immediately)  My husband (the sports man) is amazed sometimes at what I find out before him.

Have you ever watched a hockey or football game while simultaneously following twitter?  Awesome.  It's a whole different experience.  A virtual trip to the stadium.

Try it sometime.

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