Sunday, November 27, 2011

27. I am thankful in the modern world

When I say "modern world" I mean one with indoor plumbing and where I don't need to kill the food I eat-it arrives nicely packaged and not resembling its former (live) self.

You want to know the funny part-I would LOVE to live simply.

I could live without electricity.  I could live with only a fire to cook on-a fire to keep me warm.  I would have no problem walking/riding horses/using horse and buggy.  I could learn to sew by hand, gather more "nuts and berries".  I would love to labor all day in a garden and tending a house-rising with the sun, sleeping with the night.

However, I draw the line at outhouses and no facilities at all.  Perhaps my Mom told me too many spider and snake stories about her youth and outhouses.  Ok-I know this played a huge hand in it.  Still does.

I can't even stand watching fish hooked on a line or flopping on a pier. And cows. pigs, chickens?  They are Cute.
Do you think I could eat it after I watched reality?
Yes, I KNOW where meat comes doesn't mean I have to think about it. 
I prefer aesthetically pleasing plucked, washed, cut, wrapped and "approved" meat Thank you very much.

God help me if one of those "doomsday" scenarios ever plays out in my lifetime.....

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