Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Ramblings BAD/GOOD

 BAD:-My husband has been jobless for 3 1/2 years.  (2 1/2  years of this he was in school unable to find part-time work) but now he has a degree and nothing)  We are down to our last month of "extra" money to cover food and gas and any other expense (my check pays the bills only).  He sends out 30 resumes a week. For his degree (Sport Management) and any other jobs.  He applies for "minimum wage" jobs.  He can't stand on his feet all day (but can some of the day).  He is either under or over qualified-or he hears nothing.
GOOD:  I asked my boss for a new Mac laptop, a $300 program, an ipad (+ apps) and a flip video camera and she said there grant money to fufill my request THUD (that is me hitting the floor)

BAD: This is the last week I see my students who go to Kindergarten-it is a week filled with tearful goodbyes and "putting out fires".
GOOD:  Hello reduced caseload and time I can actually do paperwork! (for a few weeks anyway)

BAD: I found out my niece and nephew (ages 6 and 7) are living in a 1 room motel with their Mom and her boyfriend since they got evicted for not ever paying rent (yet have blackberrys, video games, throw parties and (we highly suspect) buy drug (pot at least-we can smell that).
GOOD:  My brother might actually step up and get custody of the kids.  One can hope.  Right now he is in a "watch and wait" situation--seeing what unfolds before he "jumps the gun"

BAD: One of my students has a relapse of cancer.  It doesn't sound good.  The Dad also was recently diagnosed with cancer. 
GOOD I'm at a loss for a good point-he just turned 4.

BAD:  My dog (who is almost 11) has lumps on her belly. 
GOOD: She doesn't seem sick.

BAD: I was charged for HBO last month (I cancelled it before it was no longer free)
GOOD: They refunded me
BAD: I was charged AGAIN
GOOD: I got to vent to Verizon (again) (I was nice and sent it via email this time)
BAD: I still am unsure if it is actually fixed.

BAD:  Took my car in to get looked at for an exhaust leak
GOOD: No leak
BAD: need front parking light, back license light, struts and something else (brakes?) by Inspection in October
GOOD:  I have until October
BAD: Got home and discovered they forgot to put the lens back on my parking light
GOOD:  Called and took it in-they found it/put it in
BAD: Just discovered the license plate light cover is gone.
GOOD: I get to vent more frustration out to Rorich  :)

BAD: Inservice all next week
GOOD: followed by (my last) 2 weeks off

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