Saturday, August 28, 2010

Hiking with Chloe

4+ foot black snake (nonpoisonous)

black and shiny

We walked a ways through the woods and into a field:

and then down a hill and across another field to a monument.
Those little legs get tired....

The Ride

Best Seat

Taking the easy way

Please say some prayers and think happy I was posting this----a couple hours after we got home--Chloe hurt her back (? or hip) playing ball....we are watching her now-and a vet trip seems imminent.

UPDATE:  She is walking somewhat better today-especially after she gets we decided to let her rest and call our regular vet tomorrow.


  1. thank you m'lovely for that beautiful comment you left on my blog :)
    It really meant the world to me that people I've never met before would show such compassion.
    I hope your days are as beautiful as you've helped mine become

  2. That backpack is simply adorable! She's a cutie! How is she feeling today? Poor pup!