Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Seriously? I already take 5 medicines just for allergies.

I have been very very good about double (and triple) checking everything unknown that I eat since the Almond incidents of June
So why am I sitting here typing this with hive covered eyes?  This has happened to me 3 times since June.  Once when I was in St. Louis,  last week when I came home from the Farmer's Market and now tonight-after a book club meeting at Panera Bread (had lemonade only) and ate 1/2 a fudge sundae (no nuts) from McDonalds that my husband gave me.

This is very scary.  Knowing what I am allergic to is so important since my symptoms can be life threatening.  I have not had a new food allergy since I was 14, when almonds started causing  hives.  (Bananas and Avocados started around 11 or so.) 
In fact, the "newest" allergy is 10 years (or more) old-Latex-and related to the banana/avocado allergy (fruit-latex syndrome).

Nothing from the three outbreaks is the same-italian food, a bite of a cookie (this one I guessed might be almond oil in the cookie mix-but really not sure) lemonade and fudge ice cream sundae.  So-is it food?  Airborne (because I am allergic to basically everything you breathe out there), the dog (please NO!), the mold wall at work (yeah-it is nasty imagine a 3 ft tall swath of mold that goes fro 10 feet or so-I guess I need to keep a mirror handy) or one of my many medicines suddenly rebelling?   I have no idea-I can't find the connection. 

I think this means a trip to an allergist-once I find one.  5 medicines for asthma and allergies are apparently not enough.

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