Sunday, August 29, 2010

The non-facebook questionairre

 There is this list of questions going around the blog-o-sphere.  And since someone actually asked me to fill it out--I am...

Do you think that Chicory Blue:
…likes British accents? Yes.  Oh my.  Yes.
…likes blue eyes? I used to have blue eyes and blonde hair...then came puberty.  I love blue eyes (which is ironic considering I have never even once dated a man with blue eyes)
… is part of the Mile-High Club? I can hardly fit in  the seats/bathroom/stand up in a plane-what do you think?
…can cook? Yes-I do better when I have a recipe to follow...
…has ever failed a class? Yes-but not because I didn't know the material-I quit the class but didn't withdrawl
…is a good driver? Yes--but I hate to drive in unknown places, traffic, when there is a concrete wall/barrier and no shoulder or in the yes unless any of those are occurring-then I am probably that SLOW driver you hate!
…has good taste? I think I do-isn't that what counts?
…recycles dirty underwear? No.
…will do anything to get what she wants? Depends on the "want".  There are a select few things I would do anything for...
…should pass on the chocolate cake? I should-but I won't.
…is hot?No-this chick loved living in Florida and misses the weather
…thinks shopping at Walmart is classy? hahahahahahaha
…has ever slapped anyone? Yes..I am sure I have once or twice-always a man-always deserved it-never slapped them hard enough though.
…spends more than an hour on Facebook every day? No-I pretty much check my friends updates and go...
…has ever skinny dipped?No-the opportunity never came up-seriously.
…has ever eaten a booger? No.
…is a jerk? Isn't everyone at one time?
…has ever stolen money from friends? No
…has ever cheated on a test? Yes. I seem to recall passing French because I sat next to someone who knew the language during the final in highschool
…was a dork in high school? Yes-all 3 of them.
…has ever lied to avoid a date?Hmm?  Probably.
…is fun to be around? I am sure it depends on the other persons' point of view
…is cute? No.  cute is for children and pets.

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