Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Embracing Me

The lovely and talented jayesel wrote on her blog about “Imposter Syndrome”and how we seem to doubt our own selves and what we are good at.  It's a good read-so go read it and then come back.

She asked her readers to come up with a list of 7 things we are good and be proud: 

7 Things I Do Well:

1)  I am a kick-ass speech therapist for preschool-aged children.

2)  I am a good Navigator.  I am in charge of getting us to and from points unknown-and the various detours to take if a turn is missed.

3) I have a great memory, especially auditory memory. I am famous for repeating verbatim conversations-especially when someone else is in error.

4) I am a good reader.  I devour books, magazines, labels-anything.

5) I take good pictures.  Hence the reason I am not in any-I take them ALL.

6) I am a good and supportive wife.  You'll just have to trust me on the reasons for this one.

7) I am a good flower gardener.  My yard is always in bloom during the summer.

Continue Jayesel's challenge!  What are you good at?  Post your own list!!


  1. aww, wow! this is such a gd idea :)

    what is spech therapy like? i thought about studying it once upon a time.

    ta x xx

  2. Good list! I should have put a good reader on mine. Ah, well, next time I need seven good things about myself, I'll start with that one!

  3. Excellent list! See how awesome you are?