Thursday, July 29, 2010

No Kids + No money = My Summer Staycation

Well, Summer 2010 (as far as vacation goes) is almost in the books for me this year.  Having no money this year to go anywhere I am staycationing at home by...are you ready for this...Cleaning.  Yep.  I spent my summer cleaning every single nook and cranny of this house.  I scrubbed the walls, sorted through and organized drawers, shampooed carpets and wiped down every surface (even candles got a wipe!).

I found the perfect dry sink for my kitchen gained a bunch of storage-and found my countertop again! I cleaned the basement-dusting and vacuuming all the cat hair up.  We spent a Saturday having a yard sale--and supposedly we will do it again in August.  We donated to goodwill.  I pitched a bunch of stuff (old spices and just general junk not worthy of goodwill even.)  I even managed to convince the husband (aka Pack Rat and Future Hoarder) to sort through some of his stuff (15% of it maybe but it is a start!).

I even went into work one day for 3 hours and did some organizing there (my office supplies and some of my therapy material since I can't dot it during the year (no time and my office is a desk, cabinet and filing cabinet in a therapy room and she always has kids in there so I can't do anything "distracting")

I took it slow-one room a day with some breaks in between (1 break because it was so freaking hot and we lack AC, 1 break because my asthma flared up from all the dust (?) and 1 break to go help my Mom harvest, freeze and can the early garden stuff)

I do have a couple things left:
-the oven needs cleaned.  It is self cleaning and it is still too hot to have it exude extremely high temps into our already too warm house
- I need to somehow organize home office supplies and my scrapbooking stuff (but I can't until someone gets his electronic (dvr, dvd,burner, vcr, cd and who knows what else) mess off of it all)
Redust the basement since my Mom's cat came for 2 weeks and he just doesn't shed-he leaves hair bunnies everywhere (and they get together and multiply!!)
-I need to figure out how to store my grandma's paintings and get them under the bed.
-Figure out how to get Mr. pack Rat to go through the other 85% of his stuff.

Somehow, all this cleaning makes me feel good-but at the same time it makes the other stuff that needs done stand out:
-refinish the 1/2 stripped coffee table
-declutter all my email accounts
-clean my car (traveling office really-the trunk and back seats are jammed with toys and therapy stuff)
-color, cut and laminate the bad full of therapy materials I copied to make
-I have a shoe (boot) box of recipes (from friends and magazines) that need gone through and made into a home made cookbook.

By the time I finish everything it will be time to do this all again, Sigh

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