Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Random Stuff

I should really stop composing posts in my head while traveling in a car.  Apparently there is a mind block between the car and house-I can't ever remember the bright and witty post I 'finished' when I pull in the driveway.

I dropped my Jetta off at the VW dealer where I bought it for a look-see because it sounds like there just might be a hole in the exhaust (and of course there will be since just this week we overhauled the brakes and rotors on the Nissan-it is some law that both cars must have major repairs at the same time).  As I was dropping my key into the overnight slot my I noticed a tiny sign on the window that said, "As of May 2010 we will no longer be an authorized VW repair place."  Seriously?  I called and made an appointment for my VW.  I called and doubled checked the day.  You called and reminded me.  I have been a customer for years and YOU NEVER MENTIONED THIS on the phone or dropped me a FYI postcard!  Apparently they dropped the whole VW line at this dealer.  Customer Service

A friend of mine is ditching Disney for vacation and going to Cleveland-what is in Cleveland that surpasses Disney?  I mean, you can day trip to Cleveland to see anything worth seeing.

I know why they call it "Spring Cleaning."  You should do this in the Spring-when the temperatures are lower.  I have cleaned all the rooms in the house except the kitchen (scrubbed the walls, sorted, organized and trashed things.  I have shampooed the carpets.  I got the pack rat my husband to go through some of his stuff.  I vacuumed and dusted (ick cobwebs!) the basement.  I still have to do all of this (minus the carpet) in the kitchen-and vacuum the basement again (once my Mom's cat who leaves fur bombs daily leaves.)  I have done all of this so far in the heat-with only one room having AC.

This year it looks like we are not embarking on a summer vacation-unless you count my trip to St. Louis for my Grandmother's funeral.  Other than the obvious sad parts-I DID have a little fun-my Dad drove all over his old neighborhood and related stories about his growing up there.  Anyhoo-I stumbled upon some posts I did on facebook last year about our vacation then and, since it was a funny adventure (involving cockroaches, prostitutes and being mistaken for a stripper)-I think I will post some tidbits in the next few days for some lighthearted reading. 

Why can't my husband do anything on his own?  He can't schedule appointments, order something online, troubleshoot anything, make a decision or just plan something in general.  Is it a man thing or am I just the only lucky one with a co-dependent husband?

Edit:  I am off to my Mom's (no internet!!)  for a couple days since the garden is overflowing and she needs help.  I will post my vacation redo when I get back.

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