Monday, September 27, 2010


I did it!  I attended PodCamp Pittsburgh this year!
I signed up early-and wavered back and forth about actually attending.  I really wanted to go-but dreaded two things:
1)  Not knowing people-and afraid that everyone would know everyone else and I would just be lost...I was feeling out of place-and out of my league-I have this little blog-and I am on Twitter--but I am but a speck in the whole blogosphere and twitteruniverse. A tiny speck.
2)  Telling my husband where I was going-he is SO NOT into the whole social media movement.  (well I didn't dread telling him where I was going-but dreaded having to listen to what he would say about it all....) He refuses to have a facebook page and sees no use for twitter or blogs.  It will take someone else to convince him of the wonders to be found and the friends to be made using social media.

Then, I realized that some of my tweeps were going to be there and  I could hide with them until I felt comfy.  In reality-this didn't happen much-but I managed and struck up conversations with some great people.  I fake being outgoing (Fake it until you make it!) pretty well-but inside I am scanning for the best hiding places!

As for the husband-he still doesn't get it, but took the reason for my absence from our weekly ritual of watching of WVU football without saying much-and even texted me updates from the game.

I learned so much and met some amazing people-too many to list.  Too many to remember.  I met some new people:

I met @tallcathy (Kiss 96.1) and Secret Agent L  (Notable because (squee!) both are taller than me-a rare thing for me at 5'9"!)
I met @unclecrappy  (He encouraged me to come via twitter when I was waffling!)
I met 2 of the BitchBurgh women (one of whom I share an odd allergy with (Wormy) and one (hotmama) who helped me more than she knows by talking to me when I was waiting for things to start!)
 I discovered that one of my tweeps was family.  Which was great and funny all at once! 

I went to great presentations by @burghbaby, @secretagentL, @justinkownacki, @bitchburg and others!  I learned a lot and definitely plan on returning next year! 

My favorite quote from Podcamp?:
She loves people and puppies-more than shoes and handbags...

I am so glad I went!

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