Friday, September 17, 2010

I blinked....

I blinked...
-and it is almost fall.  It seems like just a few weeks ago Snowmageddon occurred and we had  almost 2 feet of snow overnight.


-3 weeks ago it was HOT and HUMID!.   90's! The kind of hot where you want to stay in the shade!


 -So hot I wore a dress to work it was so hot (me sitting on the floor playing with preschoolers all day is not exactly dress up time).

-Now, I see the trees are turning to golds and red-no longer "just 1 or 2"-but most have some spots of change.

-There are leaves all over my yard-laying on still blooming flowers and green grass.

-I saw Halloween decorations in yards today.

-My husband suggested taking the air conditioners out of the windows.

-I love the colors of fall
-I love the smells of autumn
-I love halloween
-I love football weather

-It was what I missed most when we lived in Florida

-Now, what I miss most is warm, sunny, hot weather.

-Could we just skip winter this year? Huh? Just once?  No daytime temperatures below 60? Lots of sun? No snow? No cold rainy icky yucky days? No ice? No dead landscape? None of it.  I don't think anyone would miss it this year...Please?

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