Monday, December 31, 2012

Picture Exchange: decorating a tree!

THis is a quick and easy activity for Christmas time: Every year I take my 2 foot tree and wooden ornaments in for my students to decorate. This year I added Picture Exchange for my nonverbal students in my Autism class: I put all the choices out-and had a sentence strip handy: Untitled Once they had all had several turns (and gauging their interest and ability to sit!) I would pull out the "light" picture. Once it was chosen I plugged it in, we turned out the lights and the activity was over. Usually only one boy chose it-the others wanted to put on the ornaments. Untitled Untitled I did this as a circle activity so all 4 students were present We worked on requesting AND turn taking-oh boy did we work on turn taking. The funny thing was, each one demonstrated that they understood turn-taking but none of them wanted to wait. One little boy would turn away when I told him it was "K" turn...and then roll on the floor and yell. By the end of the month-after almost daily tree decorating-we took turns with little trouble.

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  1. How neat. I have an autistic cousin and I wonder how they taught him in school or if they even had these puzzle pictures back then.