Friday, December 28, 2012

My Winter door

Circulating around Pinterest is a very cute snowman door. I have searched and searched and searched for 1) the original post and 2) directions without any luck...SO I decided to recreate the door and post directions. I had some, um, trouble-so while I am documenting how I did this-I have put some helpful hints here and there along the way. First, You need cups. I used plastic cups one size smaller than those red and blue Solo cups. I bought a huge bag of them at Sams Club. I bought 3 different size styrofoam wreaths at a craft store (Michaels). They have flat sides and are 2 or three inches thick. THIS IS IMPORTANT! My little wreath was only an inch or so thick (it was all they had) and it caused major issues. After the fact, I found a small one at Hobby Lobby that was the right thickness. Untitled Next I hot glued the cups to the wreaths. I glued around the flat part of the wreath first Untitled I reinforced with masking tape (FYI-USE DUCK TAPE PEOPLE), Untitled then glued to the cups. Untitled I ended up with this: Untitled I repeated this 3 2 more times and voila, I was done!!! Untitled Except-I came in the next morning to this: Untitled (In truth, this was the scene more than once-as I performed a trial and error emergency fix on Mr. Snowman--most of the time he fell apart on his own-but I am fairly certain at least once one of the older students played a part. This was also caused by that thin wreath head-it gave me the most trouble. The thicker wreaths came loose but not much and oddly enough, the biggest one actually never came loose at all) So I stapled every cup to its neighbors Untitled and finally duck taped end to end and all around on the back. Masking tape might work-but I had crappy generic doesn't stick to anything tape-so my advice is to get duck tape. I ended up using black duck tape and you can't even tell-so whatever color you have should be fine. I hung him on Command Hooks. I added cut out eyes, mouth and buttons...and rolled up a piece of paper for the nose...Added my scarf and: The finished door: . Untitled . PS-no stage of this took very long. I spent maybe an hour putting him together the first time...and each fix was a few minutes in the making once I figured out what to do. I would definitely do this again. The kids-and teachers-LOVE him! (and I do, too!)

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  1. Lovely. I'm going to have to try to make this one next year.