Thursday, October 25, 2012

My Mummy Door

Since my office moved into an actual school this year (instead of the basement of a church) I have more students and staff walking by my door. I found this idea on Pinterest and decided to recreate it on my door: You need: White party streamers (I used 2 rolls) double sided tape 2 inch masking tape 2 small paper plates black construction paper scrap of pink paper Here is what you do: You start anywhere on your door. I chose the top. Using the doublesided tape-tape an end of the streamer on the edge of the door. Go across the door at an angle. When you get to the other side put some double-sided tape down horizontally on the edge and run the tape across it, then fold it back like this: DSCN0854 Go back and forth like this-you will need more tape on the door edge but the longer the piece the less times you have to retape: Keep going. It will look like this: DSCN0851 DSCN0859 Make sure you go in all directions to give your door a wrapped Mummy look: DSCN0861 When you are done, you want to take the 2-inch masking tape and run it over the door edge to seal off the edges, then trim the dangles: DSCN0857 Finally, take the plates and paper and make Eyes, Mouth and Nose. VOILA! DSCN0862 I LOVE my Mummy! The kids do, too!


  1. OMG! Love it. It is a thought for our front door.

  2. That looks so darn cute!!!!!!!!! Wish I'd done something fun like that!