Tuesday, April 24, 2012


Over my spring break my husband and I decided to spend a few days in Gettysburg.  It is almost the perfect place for us.  I get to spend all day outside and he gets to indulge in his American War love.  I say almost because I would prefer that there was tropical weather and a nearby ocean to unwind at the end of a nature hikes.
I like Gettysburg...the first day or so.  I get into the battle and the scenery.  But zomg!  My husband LOVES this stuff.  We tramp all over the battlefields-me looking at scenery-him finding and reading every.last.monument.  There are monuments for each state, every battalion, every regiment and I think every last person who fought in the war is represented there (at least it seems that way).  Did you know that every ummmmm regiment? has a small marker for their left and right flanks.  Yep. And guess who had to find them?  Him.
As the official photographer of the family (meaning HANDS OFF MY CAMERA!) I was required to take a picture of every monument that was of interest.  To me that means any monument that looks nice-by decoration, statue-something well, interesting.  To the husband it meant every one he pointed at.  Even Left and Right Flanks-which look like this:



I spent much of the time half listening to my husband and annoying him with how I keep all the facts straight.

Him- "oh look it's General Longstreet"
Me- "oh-You mean Tom Berenger?"

Him- "Chamberlain did this and such"
Me- "He was Jeff Daniels, right?"

Do not get me wrong-I was interested..but the familiar actors helped keep my head straight. History was never my strong subject.  I also kind of enjoyed watching his head explode a little.

The rest of the time I took in the scenery and practiced my picture composition skills (Confession: I kept the camera on auto a lot of this trip since at any given moment I had to swing around to shoot another monument-I couldn't focus long enough at a time to focus on learning Shutter and Aperature, etc.).  I did try to get a good night shot, since the moon was amazing.  I set up my tripod focused on my favorite tree )It has a great shape!) and broke out my new wireless remote-I waited and waited and fiddled with all the settings and took picture after picture.   I didn't get a great shot.  But it was a learning experience since it was spur of the moment and I had no idea how to get the moon to look as nice at it did in person. Here is the best one:

 Moon Rising

In the end, I took some pictures I loved.  So I had a good time.  Here are my favorite pictures:

Moon rising


Observing the sunset

Silent Canon

Silent Sentinel

Canon at twilight

There is one I will have framed-I think the colors are perfect.  Can you guess which one?


  1. I love the photo of the soldier with his hand on his saber hilt and one on his chest looking off into the sun.

  2. Lots of great ones but my fav by far is the one with the huge sky and the gorgeous orange moon!!!!