Saturday, February 5, 2011


For all of her 11.4 years, Chloe (our dachshund) has been obsessed with Tennis balls.  She loves them. Loves! Them! She can smell one 50 feet away-she was constantly finding them in bushes and shrubs around tennis courts in Florida.  We knew that if Chloe suddenly exhibited the classic dachshund stubborness and pulled us in a straight line toward dark foliage a tennis ball had been detected.  She has found or been given easily a couple hundred in 11 years.  However, her obsession is one of the "pull off the yellow fuzz and eat it" variety.  Sure, she loves to chase it..but eventually the fuzz is just too hard for her to ignore.  For this reason we have to limit her access. She knows this and has been known to spend time at the bottom of out refrigerator (where we keep one) practicing Jedi mind tricks.  Heaven help us if she perfects it.
For the first time ever, my husband has found something (other than food) that rivals the "yellow round spherical object"-as it is referred to in our house because Chloe knows the word "ball." 

Meet Squeak!:

Chloe loves Squeak!  She shakes him and loves on him. 

My squeak

Must get squeaker

Squeak! has 2 squeakers in him.  One in his head and one in his tail.  Chloe is determined to get those squeakers out. 

But what about her Tennis ball?  Is Squeak! the new love of her life?  Let's see...
Giving her the choice:
The choice
At first, it seemed like Tennis ball would be her first and only love:
But Wait!  She changed her mind!:
Or did she?  She contemplates the situation:
Happy squeak
THE decision:
She wants her cake and eat it, too.

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