Saturday, October 9, 2010

Things this week that...

Things list week that caught my attention:

1)  A man walking his dog using a Segway.  A Pomeranian.  That he had to pick up half-way down the trail (A 2-mile portion of the Montour Trail)

2) A woman on a cell phone walking while pushing her large dog in a stroller.

3) A Ten-dollar bill blowing down the street (Mine now!)

4) Actively avoiding 4 accidents because other people
-ran a red light (He got tired of waiting for it to turn green and went anyway-even thought it was the  opposing traffic's turn.  where was he going?  The Sub shop on the opposite Corner)
-Looked only one way before pulling out into traffic
-Pulled into my lane (in the spot my car was currently occupying)
- once again someone runs the stop sign at the beginning of my street when I am turning in.  The cops could make their monthly quota here on my short, out of the way street.

5) I think my brother and mother drunk called me last night-giggling over some foreclosures "I should buy" in Florida.  I am not sure which is worse-that they were drunk-or that they weren't.


  1. I can't say I've ever seen anyone walking their dog while riding a Segway. I'd probably die of laughter, especially a teeny dog like a pom! I do see a lot of people walking their dog while riding their bike. I'd be afraid of running over the leash or something and killing us both!

    Glad you managed to avoid the accidents, I hate it when people don't pay attention =/

  2. Segway dog walking would be funny to see, maybe not mall security Segway riding funny, but maybe even funnier.
    Stopping by from the SITS Flutter group to say hi & become a new follower :)

  3. The dog strollers look so funny to me. They are not babies they are pets. lol I'm following you from SITS Flutter Tribe.