Saturday, October 30, 2010


As October winds down the pink is slowly fading from view I can't help being relieved.  Every pink ribbon is a gut punch and reminds me of how many people I know affected by this horrible disease.  I don't need any reminders.  They are ever present in my head.

My mother-in-law died when my husband was 16 from it.
His grandmother (paternal) had it when she died at 94.
One of my friends is in remission (thankfully it was caught very very early)
A coworker (from a previous job) has had 2 battles with it.
A friend's mom died from it. 
My great aunt (grandma's sister) died from breast cancer.
Her daughters have battled it.
I have had more than one scare myself.  I have had 2 surgeries to remove (benign) lumps and tissue.  I have had mammograms every year for 10+ years (some years 2 or 3).  I have had cysts show up-and disappear (or that would have meant surgery #3).  Every month I worry I will feel something.

I am scared one day it won't be benign.

I think pink all year-not just October.

October is Breast Cancer awareness month

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