Saturday, May 22, 2010

Saying Goodbye...

Over the years I have loved certain TV shows.  You know what I mean-the "I must be in front of a working TV to watch this show from start to finish each and every week."  I can't even remember them all-but LOST tops them.  I have loved this show from the time I had the TV on for noise while I did   work at home and ended up engrossed in the premiere-hooked from the first minute.
I have never watched a show as confusing and maddening and makes me feel, well Lost-yet at the same time I love it so much that even my husband knows not to bother me when Lost is on.  I missed one episode ever (Claire's back story) and-with the way Lost is written-it comes back and taunts me at least once a year.  I don't even want to talk about the season finale when I was completely LOST because it was when we all started realizing Jack and Claire were Brother and Sister....and you HAD TO WATCH Claire's back story to get it.  I, of course, didn't get it until the next day when I read what other people were saying.

So now-we come to the end.  It is hard-I have seen so many shows go on f.o.r.e.v.e.r until they are mere shadows of their once great selves-so much so that we all welcomed their demise.  But Lost-has not run its course.  It is still just as puzzling and wonderful-even if it has changed each and season to something new and different from the other seasons-yet connected.  I have applauded the creators for ending the show before it ages for the last three years-but now that the end is here-I hate it.  I wish they had made full seasons of Lost these last few years-because clearly there are enough questions to answer.

I have had theories about what happens over the years about Lost-some not so far from the truth.

I am floating my final guesses out there before the finale to see if I get any right.  Some of these I feel were the original intentions of the writers-or at least possibilities so tidbits were placed in various episodes "just in case." (I really really believe Rose and BErnard were supposed to be Adam and Eve on the island.

(Rock Star) Charlie is Desmond and Penny's son.  (No surprise here-I have thought this for a year-it has to due with the baby being billed as "young Charlie" while other kids are just "johnny").  Of course time travel would be involved...but it isn't like Lost hasn't gone there already

Of course, I wrote a draft post before this weeks episode and naming Hurley as the Candidate-but of course I was wrong.  but my rationale was:  He has been the peace keeper throughout.  Always making good decisions.  Of course, Jack was always the leader-and I always said it was Jack-but thought it was too obvious...guess I was wrong.

Rose and Bernard let Desmond out of the well...or maybe Claire

The Man in Black's name is Esau. (although a friend says Aaron b/c he was raised my another, like Aaron)

Juliet is Jack's wife in the alternate reality...

Someone will stay on the island with (Jack).  There has to be a balance of good and evil on the island for it to go on.  I am thinking it will be Sayid...or Ben.  Ben would be logical.  But Sayid went in the water (ala Jacob's brother went in the water).  Of course, it could stay Locke.

I think the finale will show that Locke was the Man in Black since the crash....He died in the crash...and the Man in Black possessed him....maybe over time...maybe right away...but THAT is why he could walk.

They say the last 10 seconds will blow our minds---I hope the last 10 seconds are a montage that ends with "we were just kidding See you next season"

Of all my "predictions"  I hope the last one is true. 
Because I don't want to say goodbye.


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