Sunday, May 2, 2010

End of Month update-April

I'm not sure why I am updating this month-it was a bad month for my goals.   I don't know why, but the month flew by.  I'm stressed and under motivated.  Also, I apparently started watching waaaaaay too many tv shows this fall. It didn't become apparent when hubby came home from his internship because many shows were on hiatus.  But now,  they are all on (the same nights-which forces me to record at least one) and it's the Stanley cup playoffs-hockey is on and we watch all the games.  Add in a weekend at my Mom's, a weekend without power and hubby's refusal to let me delete 10 hours of sports games from the DVR because he wants to record them (remember last month the DVD recorder broke-we can't afford a new one!!!!) and you have a DVR full of unwatched shows.
SO I am behind on some of my favorite shows.  In reality, we are talking 5 or 6 hours of weekly TV shows here-not 20.  I just can't find the viewing time.  It's just tv which is no big deal--but right now it is my only source of entertainment because funds are tight.  No worries, I will eventually catch up-the wonders of the internet and all.  Maybe before next season starts (?????)

Adopt a child. (Become foster parent as part of process(?))
-No progress.

2) Exercise regularly
I bought shoes.  I have worn them around the house.  Once the rain goes away i will begin walking.  I did lose some weight-which I have most likely regained.

3) Eat healthier
-This, I have done about 80% of the time this month. 

4) Minimize the clutter in my house
-We still have not recovered from last month's rearrangement of the "junk room" into a bedroom.  Next up:  Cleaning the basement.  i just need an entire sunny day when I don't have to do yard work. 

5) Grow out my nails
-nope.  however, I am working on decreasing the stress part of this issue

6) Pay off my own credit cards.
This is such an overwhelming task with a husband jobless and experiencing some health issues.  Also, there are just things we MUST do-like take our dog to the vet when she got hurt, more vet bills for flea and heartworm meds, car repairs.  We DO over spend at times.  We DO eat out a few times (but this has reduced greatly).  We DO do some fun things (we had free tickets to a Pirates game-but spent probably $40 on parking and food (hey we HAD to eat out-no power for an entire weekend!)  but we are consciously trying to minimize all of this.

May WILL be better, right?

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