Monday, February 22, 2010

All About MEme Monday

So today's topic is AS SEEN ON TV
  • Share with us your favorite AS SEEN ON TV products ... ones you've actually purchased ... make it like your very own testimonial.
  • Make a Wish List of AS SEEN ON TV products that you'd buy for yourself ... or for that someone special in your life.
  • Or tell us a funny story about an informercial product gone wrong.
 I recently purchased the Emery Cat.  OK-I bought it at my husband's insistent requests.
This product boasts "Now your cat can trim their own claws."  Read all about it here.

So basically what arrived is one of those paper scratching posts**dipped in sand**and contained in a flimsy plastic shell.  My cat LOVES his rope tower scratching post.  He LOVES his paper round scratching thing with the ball that goes round and round.  He IGNORES the Emery Cat.  I poured the catnip that came with it on it after a few hours of him walking past it with barely a sniff or glance.  He rolled on it-the rolled across the floor.  We have hidden his former scratching instruments.  He is continuing to ignore the Emory Cat-hopefully he will continue to ignore the furniture, too.

The Emery Cat isn't the worst thing I have purchased "As seen on TV".  That title falls to some wax product of years past.  My husband wanted some type of hair removal-it was wax/sugar...something.  I can't remember the name-but the commercial showed people removing hair from arms, legs, backs, etc.-PAINLESSLY.
Have you ever seen the 40 Year Old Virgin-where they wax his chest and draw blood?  That would be his experience.  And the No Pain thing?  FALSE!

What's the best thing Purchased "As seen on TV"?  My Dyson.  My shark.  Both have made vacuumming in my past-my husband LOVES them-so much I hardly ever touch them.

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