Friday, August 30, 2013

Quickie update

I am so sorry not to update this blog sooner--I know a few people actually still read this and want to know...
We still have The Toddler!!!
The July hearing was cancelled (and there was still major was d-r-a-m-a involved...omg) Then certain people who know better and had their own God Complex agenda tried to have her placed with this new family anyway....but there was no f-ing reason for this--we take wonderful care of her (so said by every single person (including the bio mom and the God Complex people) and "the law" recognized this- so she stayed for next court date-August--which was cancelled again (no drama-was a technical issue)
SO Court is not until in OCTOBER!!

In the mean time---we had to be interviewed and evaluated by someone who looks at child's best interest...and the "glowing report of us" (so says the toddler's lawyer as we are not given access to the report) says she should not be moved--anywhere. Ever.

We fought and climbed the ladder-supervisor, director, etc--and we think positive results have come of it. (Squeaky wheel and inept (inexperienced?) caseworkers who don't think I will remember word-for-word what was said...and report it to their supervisors) Our main concern has always been the Toddler--she needs as little disruption in her life as possible. We still don't have permenancy for her. She still could leave us. She still might. But until permanent decisions are made-she needs the security of knowing where she will sleep each night-and who will be there when she wakes up.

We have been told that we now have full support of everyone (system-wise) and the other family is no longer being considered....but time will tell. We don't trust the system one bit..... For all we know there is some nefarious sh*t going on...

However, for now--we are happy and enjoying life as a family! We have had a great (as much as we can with this crappy cool, rainy weather this year--I love love love me some 90+ sunny weather...and so far-that happened a few days in MAY and that is all) summer--
We went to the Zoo. We played outside. We swam.

I bought some fall clothes for her....and am optimistically looking for a Halloween costume (Ladybug or Minnie mouse) and a winter coat.

She is gaining a, um, personality. We call her Grabby Abby as she has her hands on everything-I swear she can stretch like inspector gadget. And the minute we turn our back she is into something she knows she is not allowed to be. Then when we catch her she pretends that she wasn't doing it--SO funny! We love all of it-frustrating as it can be...we love it all.

Life as a parent is everything I dreamed it would be...

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