Wednesday, January 23, 2013


Last year I stumbled upon a new kind of New Years Resolution. One Word. I was intrigued. And then I forgot about it. Someone I know raved about a book called My One Word. I put it on request at the library and forgot about it.
Then, again at New Years, I stumbled on a website which was a part of this One Word movement. Ironically, the library book I requested came in just after New Years. And I was hooked.

Every year I set New Years resolutions for myself. Every year my list was some variation of this: Grow my nails long, lose weight, exercise more, get organized, take better pictures, learn to use my camera, scrapbook all those pictures, better work paperwork, have a systematic approach to my speech therapy, have a kid, check into fertility treatments, adopt a kid, get financially sound, etc. etc. etc. Do you know how many of those resolutions I just listed I actually achieved? not very many-and never the first year on my list. Life happened.


That is my word for the year. THAT is what this new concept is about. Don't make a list of resolutions.

BE the resolution.

Pick a word. One word.

A word that represents the change you want in your life. Live that word all year.


My life feels scattered and unorganized. I struggle with doing things. I get distracted. I leave things unfinished. I flit from one thing to another, rarely finishing one before starting another, or 3.


This is something I need desperately in my life. The ability to focus on one thing. Not to be playing words with friends, reading blogs, on facebook, talking to my husband and watching TV all at the same time-which just described my normal night. My days and nights blur. Weekends go by with nothing accomplished on my to-do list, yet nothing stands out as having stood in the way most days-no fun, no outings, no crisis. nothing. FOCUS is clearly needed here.

At work, I have at least 17 projects started. And paperwork. Only those with a deadline get finished. I procrastinate, I talk to teachers (about work stuff, but still-we have the same conversation about the same kids doing the same thing and what should we do and if I need to FOCUS on work. Not scatter myself around it.

I need to Live in THIS moment. Work on ONE thing and FINISH it. Be present and not scattered everywhere.

My word for the year is FOCUS. At the end of the year, my hope is to feel less scattered and much more focused--and that other things-things that would typically be "on my list" for New Year's Resolutions-will move along-or not...but that THIS year I will FOCUS on living my life and loving what happens because of it.

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