Sunday, March 4, 2012

Random Update

I haven't been around here much lately-just not in a writing mood, I guess. I have 5 posts started but have not felt like finishing them.  Oh well. It will pass-or I will just force myself to start again.  Spring (and daylight savings time) is coming-and my mood will lighten with warmer weather and daylight. Guaranteed.

But here's the short version of what's new:

1)  We are supposedly certified to foster.  It has been a month and still no letter confirming that, despite several emails on my part.

2) Our profile was sent away for consideration for a toddler in need of a family.  We never heard anything back-and that's the way it works.  If you don't hear anything-they chose someone else.  No polite kiss off letter-you just wait and wonder.

3) We inquired on another toddler posted on our state's adoption listings.  The children there are typically "hard to place" for various reasons-age, race, large sibling group, medical and cognitive conditions.  I know this-and can read between the lines about some of the problems not actually stated.  What I knew about this child's "issue" probably meant several surgery and therapies- but would lead a typical kid life..   However, once we got more info we ended up "passing" on this little one.  Sadly, what wasn't stated was a very serious medical condition that is just too far out of our comfort zone.  Sigh.   I knew it couldn't be "that" easy.

4) I started a partial "envelope system" to help us budget more carefully.  I was always so pissed when I paid the bills to see just how much we spent using debit cards-the money just melts away without you realizing it.  So I pay the bills and withdraw the next two weeks worth of food, house stuff and miscellaneous money.  The debit card is only gas and prescriptions.  The first 2 weeks went well, with only a little bit of overage spending on the debit card.  The next 2 weeks will be a little rougher-since the bills are higher the 1st of the month-but I really feel we are on the right path here.  With some thought I think I can balance everything-and stop nickel and dime-ing the savings account to cover our overspending.

That's the the winter, I basically hibernate-so not much to say.

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  1. I too am looking forward to spring but that is because I can plant my seedlings outside finally.

    I'm hoping that soon a child will be placed with you. Good Luck!