Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Apps I use frequently

Several people have asked me about apps for preschool children.
These are the apps I use frequently with my students.  They are not all "speech" apps.
I am sure I am missing a few on my list-I have so many (too many!) apps now that need gone through.

The reason I have too many apps is I get a lot of free apps by looking every day at Freeappalert (dot) com.  There is a lot of junk-but I have found some goodies over the last few months (including  several eye contact apps for autism (not on this list because I have not yet used them with a student-but they look great!)  I download them-and can delete them if they are not any good.

Also, Starbucks gives away a free app each week (usually for adults, but sometimes for kids).  I got one of my favorite apps this way (The monster at the end of this book).  You have to go into Starbucks on Thursday and get the app card (there is also an itunes card with a free song so make sure you look at what you pick up).  It isn't always an app I can use...but I always check.

Here is the list--in NO particular order...I just typed as I paged through....

Toca Boca Tea Party
Toca Boca Store
Toca Boca Hair Christmas

Most of the apps from

Match it up 1, 2, 3
Families 1, 2,

Alligator apps has some nice ones-sign up for their free email to get free apps

Adventures for Kids
Monkey Thinks
Old Mac HD (from duck duck moose)
Wheels on bus HD (from duck duck moose)

iblower apps (there are several free)   Hint:  they are really sound activiated.  I use them for those minimally vocal kids.

I like books-37  free (gives you 37 free books-great topics, photos and reads to kids)  Search for it this way and you get all 37 books at once- instead of searching for each individually

Monster at the end of this book (I love this app.  I got it free from Starbucks-but it is wonderful, I would have paid for it)

Toy Story Read along book/app free.  Love it

iwrite words lite

Articpix  I like this app.  It’s one of the pricier ones.  Phonopix I don’t like as much because my students don't usually "get" minimal pairs-you can truly set articpix to do phono by only choosing the sounds/positions you want.

Wordslapps.  I like this app because you can upload pictures and create your own receptive “find the” categories.   I use it a lot-I uploaded students pictures (to see if child knew who everyone was), I snapped pictures from our weekly abc books-and quizzed kid on them (great vocabulary tool!)

First Phrases Lite-  I will probably pay for the full version of this app soon
Fun with Directions Lite - I will probably pay for the full version of this app soon
Picture the Sentence LIte I will probably pay for the full version of this app soon

Preposition Remix (my only complaint with this one is that the kids have to touch the ITEM that is on/over, etc.  If they just touch the general picture it's wrong-some of my students have a hard time with this.  For example touch the banana over the scale.  3 pics are presented.  my student will touch the right picture-but it says it is wrong unless he actually touches the bananas)

I hear Ewe (for some reason the kids love this one.  I can covertly suggest pics to touch to one of my kids with severe autism and see that she can find them...versus 0% accuracy when presented with paper pictures)

FUN (reinforers):
Fireworks 1, 2, 3 (also can be used for sentence building)
Bubbles HD
Paint sparkles
Peekaboo HD. 
Talking Tom (he repeats back what you say… there IS a way to turn off the “violence” in settings (you can punch him and knock him out) 

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  1. Talking Tom is the dumbest most fantastic idea for an app ever. It ALWAYS keeps Alexis happy for a long time and ends with her falling over in a giggle fit. So simple. So entertaining.