Friday, May 20, 2011

A beautiful sound

"uhI wah eeep" (computer voice: I want sheep)
I stared at the 4 year old boy who had just pushed the buttons on a communication device to ask for a farm animal for my playset for a few seconds, then gave him the sheep.
"uhI wah uho" (computer voice: I want horse)
My heart skipped a beat. I gave him the horse. I called the classroom teacher over. I couldn't tell her why-just please, please come.
"uhI wah pi" (computer voice: "I want pig") I gave him the pig-not breathing..
"uhI wah ow: (computer voice: "I want cow") I gave him the cow.
I turned to the teacher. She met my eyes and I knew instantly she heard it too.
"Ryan" was saying what the ipad app said just before the computer voice did.
The little boy with severe autism-who was completely non-verbal-had found his voice.

"Ryan" is talking.


  1. This gave me chills, lady. You are amazing.

  2. And THAT is why what you do matters so much. Good job!