Saturday, January 1, 2011

Happy New Year!

It's my one-year blogging anniversary!
Overall, I am happy with this blog.  I feel like I am growing with it-learning to write better posts, selecting topics-and posting fairly regularly.
I have been quiet lately-but I promise, there is a good reason-and I have several posts sitting and waiting final editing.

 Here are the goals I set for the year 2010 and how I did:

1) Adopt a child. (Become foster parent as part of process(?))
--This goal wasn't accomplished.  Various reasons.
2) Exercise regularly
--I was doing great-I lost 20 pounds.  I was walking 15+ miles a week.  I ran a whole mile-I was working on 2 miles. Then something derailed me-and it got cold and it snowed.  I am back to walking-inside and I will keep it up-but running miles-not for several months-think fall.
3) Eat healthier
-I really feel like I  accomplished this goal.  I eat more whole foods.  I eat less processed foods.  My lunches and dinners are good portions and my snacks are healthy. It isn't 100% but I feel like I am at a good place-and it isn't a struggle at all! 
4) Minimize the clutter in my house
 -I organized every room in the house this summer.  I cleaned, I boxed up for yard sales, I donated, I scrubbed the walls even-but it doesn't feel better.  For 2 reasons: 1 I live with a pack rat-who won't let me go thru his stuff.  2) the basement. 50% is the pack-rats.  25% needs gone through by me (and trashed/donated). 25% is still sitting there waiting on a yard sale
5) Grow out my nails
-I tried-and failed. It will happen-eventually.
6) Pay off my own credit cards.
-I paid off my car.  I paid off half of a credit card.  It's difficult with a husband who has been out of work for over a year.

I am not setting specific goals for 2011.  Just general ideas:

I plan on continuing to eat healthy, exercise regularly, spend wisely, decrease debt, increase savings and do things that make me happy and build my happy family.  
I want to take more pictures, learn to use my new photo editing software, continue reading great books and clean that basement.
I want my walls to have framed photos on them-not just in my computer. 

Above all-I want 2011 to be a wonderfully happy and memorable year.


  1. You had a very successful 2010! Here's to hoping 2011 is even better!

  2. Your last year goals and this year's ideas all sound great!