Monday, November 15, 2010


My husband thinks I am insane.  and maybe I am.
I peruse the pictures of kids in foster care that are potentially available for adoption monthly.  It's an obsession.  It's a huge obsession-I want right now to start the process.  Actually, I wish it was already started.  I have criteria established-basically age and what level/kind of (any) "issues" we could handle.

So, he was not surprised when I shoved the computer at him and said, "Look-I want to adopt them-and I am serious."

He was not surprised at that.  I have pointed out several children before.  Usually to get him thinking about starting the process-because it can take awhile to even get approved-and "those children" will most likely be adopted...or older than we want to adopt.

He was surprised at what I showed him-a sibling group.  Not of 2...or 3 siblings...but 4 siblings.  4 perfectly adorable siblings under our age criteria.  4 children with "issues" that appear reasonable (it's foster care people-there are always issues)  4 siblings who I know I would love.  1 stop shopping.  1 crazy adoption process.  4 beautiful kids?  4 beautiful related-look alike-kids!

He thinks I am insane- and I am.  But, we could do this, right?

Ok-I admit.  The dreaming side of me is insane.  The reality side of me is trying to comprehend housing, feeding and clothing them with our budget-- from zero to 4 kids overnight.  all at once? but the dreaming side has me-well, dreaming.  All night I dreamed of them.

I am insane.  But.....what if we could do this?

For now, I will dream....


  1. I don't think you're insane. HUGS.

  2. I think this is the most beautiful post I have read on ANY site in a long time! Good luck and I hope Husband comes around!