Wednesday, March 31, 2010

End of March

it is time for my monthly update on my goals.  I have found I think about them more since I have made a commitment to update monthly.

1) Adopt a child. (Become foster parent as part of process(?))

-No progress.  Except that we turned our 2nd bedroom from a computer room/junk room to a real bedroom. We did this because when hubby gets a job and we feel we can feed a child we will have a room.  To me-it's progress. baby steps.

2) Exercise regularly
-I have been walking more.  I went to a runners/walkers store and got some advice.  I now need to save for the expensive shoes I need.  I gave up on the possessed treadmill.  The weather is nicer and I am walking outside.

3) Eat healthier
-This, I have done about 80% of the time this month.  I have lost a few pounds. I slip up-but try not to worry about it-and do better the next day.  It is much harder when I am off work.

4) Minimize the clutter in my house
-Well, turning the junk/office room back into a bedroom caused some major furniture rearrangement.  We still have 2 things sitting in the way that need to be sold.  I went through a bunch of paperwork and my husband actually cleaned his closet.  He got rid of exactly 4 things. I'm waiting for more warmth before I tackle the basement-and yard sale.

5) Grow out my nails
-nope.  I think this one is a little too much.  I don't know why.  I just can't do it.  My thin nails break-and I can't afford manicures right now. I am also very stressed.

6) Pay off my own credit cards.
-I think the best I can say this month is I didn't really ADD to the credit cards.  We are really stretched right now with only 1 income and 2 income bills.   I did sell a bunch of old work books and made $100 or so.  That will go towards our balances. Oh-did I mention that in ONE WEEK the vcr, dvd recorder, shop vac, fish light, fish pump and Big ass TV's bulb blew AGAIN.  That sucker is NOT cheap.  Also, Insurance, cable, internet and water all went up this month. Permanently.  We have had to pay out of pocket for some medical expenses and things will probably get worse before they get better.

Overall-I think it's progress. Not as much as I hoped-and mostly in the eating and decluttering areas. But progress is progress.

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