Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Bloggography Challenge: The Exposure Triangle

This weeks challenge was to review "the Exposure Triangle" of ISO, Aperture and Shutter Speed.
I understand each of these separately, however, how they impact and when/how to adjust each one for the picture I want at that exact setting is far from being easy or quick.  Also, setting up a shot so I get the image I want is hard-but I know that "photographers eye" will come in time-I hope.

I played around with each setting-both inside and outside.  I definitely need more practice and help in low lighting situations-I have a lot of difficulty NOT using a flash in those situations and getting a decent picture.  However, this weekend was nice and sunny-so low lighting wasn't as big a issue.  I took over a hundred pictures this weekend. These are the best of them:
This one I was playing with the Aperture.  All of mine with a smaller aperture-but they were all blurry because I just can't hold still long enough while it gathers enough light to take the picture.
ISO 200      APERTURE  f/9.0    SPEED 1/4

I was attempting stop-action via Shutter SpeedMy husband threw snow about 50 times that day for me (it took forever to get my timing down so his hand and the snow were in the picture.)
ISO 200       APERTURE  f/3.5    SPEED 1/2000

I also was working with shutter speed here.  Also, the ISO to get some brightness-but not too much.  
 ISO  800   APERTURE   f/8.0  SPEED 1/2000


  1. Great pictures! I love the snow ball one that is awesome. It takes patience doesn't it??

  2. Great photos. Love the action shot with the snowball and the water shot - so pretty.

  3. Aw your husband is such a good sport! I love the last 2 shots!

  4. I love the snow ball picture best of all! I know how hard it can be to catch the "right" moment. It takes a lot of patience!

  5. Love the splash photo. Isn't it fun trying to come up with things to do so we can take photos? :)

  6. You did great with that snowball pic! How cool!