Saturday, January 30, 2010

End of Month Update

It's the end of the month and I thought I should update you (and myself) on my new year's resolutions:

Here is the list from my 1st post:

In the year 2010 I WILL:
1) Adopt a child. (Become foster parent as part of process(?))

Still the same. Husband needs to get a job OR we need to hit the lottery: Translation-we need to pay off some bills.

2) Exercise regularly

I am pulling together some exercises from magazines. need to buy new shoes because my last venture into exercising ended in Patellar Tendonitus after 5 days of 30 minutes exercise (and not a lot of jumping!) I am considering taking up running. NEed to wait for bitter cold to go away sonce it aggravates my asthma.

3) Eat healthier
I have modified my lunches to things like hummus and pita, beans and corn tortillas. I hate to pack sandwiches so this is win-win. May start South Beach Diet-need Hubby to agree to diet with me first.

4) Minimize the clutter in my house

I am making headway in the main part of the house-I went through all the magazines gathering dust and tore out the articles or recipes I wanted to keep. Cleaned my closet and night stand. hubby cleaned his night stand. Need to go through the knock-knacks and get rid of the ones that no longer appeal to us or have no sentimental value. Hubby needs to be in on this-I am planting the seeds as he is the ultimate pack-rat and needs to get used to the idea.

5) Grow out my nails
No Progress.

6) Pay off my own credit cards.
No progress in this-they are probably higher since hubby has needed glasses and is in process of some major dental work. We have instituted a cash-only system to buy things. Once cash is gone-if we need something it has to come from our dwindling savings-we are hoping that this will help us stop stupid spending. Paying with debit cards is just too easy and no connection to how much we actually spend until we pay bills.

I think it has been a decent month for my resolutions-not great-but a decent start.

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